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Being a part of BERG Media Group as an associate means you are in position where your main and only role is to reach out and connect.

Our team handles all the ongoing communication and dialogue with the end clients. This dialogue is monitored by you as an associate so you can follow the process yourself. Your job is to attract and reach out through the right channels. Everyone has a preferred channel might it be linked, Facebook, Twitter or instagram or simply by using their existing network. Working as a BERG Associate gives you an opportunity to expand your network even further and now with a top professional and capable organization behind you delivering the best results in the digital scene.


  • Be your own boss and put the work in on your own terms
  • No matter if you are in a financial tough spot or not why not generate extra income in the growing digital world
  • Reach out the the right contacts and earn income


Simply follow the steps below to get started as a BERG Associate:

  • Apply using the form further down on this page
  • Login and sign the collaboration agreement and download our premade material for your social media accounts.
  • Drive targeted traffic to your digital business card link by reaching out to your contact list and/or through your social media (we will show you how).
  • Generate leads and earn 20% on every sale as well as 10% on returning clients.

Associate Channels

  • E-mail list - (We provide the content and referral links)
  • Direct messages - Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn groups for business
  • Facebook group for business
  • LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram stories and posts. (We provide the content)
  • Your existing network
Direct Contact with clients

When reaching out to clients they will in some cases ask you direct questions regarding prices, development time frame and other more detailed questions. In these cases you simply send the client a direct link which takes them to our business analysts chat page.

Here the client will be in direct contact with our business analyst and one of our developers in order to deal with advanced questions & answers.

This way your job is already done and you can move on to attracting new leads. (Remember you will be monitoring all dialogue with every client in our chat and mail history so you are always updated on how the conversation flows).

Associates referral links

An associate referral link/URL is the URL associates use to direct people to the website.

Associates can share their associate referral links through their social media accounts, in emails, their digital business card through DM’s and anywhere else they wish to promote.

It has the associates ID code appended to the URL so a specific associate can be tracked when a visitor or customer visits the website. If the customer successfully completes a conversion (i.e. a sale, or a form submission), a referral will be generated and the associate will be notified via automated notifications and awarded the commission.

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BERG Media Group first hit the digital scene six years ago and since then we have showed no sign of slowing down. We are a young and innovative brand aimed at bringing killer, affordable solutions to the growing digital world.

We have products across numerous categories such as mobile apps, website design, VR solutions and other custom tailored solutions for entrepreneurial individuals, startups and corporate companies. Currently we have websites in the UK, Spain, US and Norway. We are now one of the fastest growing digital companies in the world.

"It’s our mission to redefine digital solutions by creating amazing products at prices that don’t break the bank"

Hear what our extraordinary associates have to say about working with BERG MEDIA GROUP.

“BERG MEDIA GROUP is the best!! This company strives for greatness and has a team oriented spirit which makes working for them fun and exciting. They offer great opportunities and continue to build a strong lasting relationship with their clients and employees.”

Tarik Remila
Tarik Remila

“I have enjoyed working with BERG MEDIA GROUP over the last 6 months. Working with BERG has granted me the opportunity to network and expand my professional experience in the marketing field while making profits from digital solutions”

Lise Marita Lund
Lise Marita Lund

“This is a perfect job for me and I couldn’t thank BERG enough for allowing me to gain more work experience. BERG MEDIA GROUP gave me the opportunity to be flexible and have a source of income. Not only did it give me the freedom to work when i want. It taught me how to strengthen my peoples skills, my communication, how to be punctual, reliable, and how to be a true leader”

Anders Lundvig Hansen

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The knock-on consequences of the COVID-19 lockdown have resultet in significant job losses. Businesses’ ability to continue to employ and pay workers might be particularly precarious when government support starts to be withdrawn. We at BERG Media Group wish to help out and give people who have lost their business or jobs the opportunity to prosper.

Global app revenue jumps to $50B in the first half of 2020, in part due to COVID-19 impacts

Consumer spending on mobile apps and app installs grew significantly during the first half of 2020, in part due to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to new data from Sensor Tower. In the first half of the year, consumers spent $50.1 billion worldwide across the App Store and Google Play.



How our IT team helps people and businesses emerge stronger beyond COVID-19


In brief
  • BERG has invested in IT technologies, infrastructure and a collaborative culture that has enabled us to swiftly respond to a COVID-19 world.
  • Supported by our new growth model, we have adopted an “anytime, anywhere” approach to how our people work and how we serve our clients
  • Our #1 priority is efficiency of our employees and associates—and our IT strategy has made the transition to remote working straightforward
  • Our experience shows that three actions can help to support people and organizations seeking to outmaneuver uncertainty and enable them to emerge stronger during these uncertain times

Ready for anything

Business continuity used to mean handling work from country to country or from one operations center to another. But in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for scale to reach across continents and individuals’ homes has created a new normal. In handling the necessary shift in practices and procedures, BERG Media Group has relied on the skills and capabilities of our amazing IT team.

Our way of working “in the new” means that we already had a vision and strategy to handle the disruption of the pandemic. Our approach has not only enabled us to maintain our operations, but also positioned us to offer support and guidance to others. Starting from this strong foundation, with digital at the core, we have maintained the smooth running of our platform-based business, fully in the cloud, and with the security and standards needed to be resilient in the future.

What we Did

The strategy aims to materially improve the working lives and experiences of our people with effective solutions. Here are some of the actions we have taken that helped us to successfully transition our business during a period of great uncertainty while sustaining business resiliency:

We invested in the right infrastructure and tools

We put cloud first.
We decided several years ago to move our infrastructure and apps to the cloud. A cloud environment means we can be a browser-based organization to make a difference and deliver an effective response. Also, this emphasis on the cloud—for instance, already using OneDrive for our storage services—meant we could easily scale and connect people to support a working-from-home policy

We adopted a clear strategy.

We embraced a digital worker strategy.
We have equipped our people with leading capabilities so that they can connect, create and collaborate—and in these difficult times we are helping our clients to do the same. Our digital worker strategy has been to move away from traditional ways of working to more mobile ways with mobile apps, cloud-based capabilities, and giving our people access to some of the newest technology as it becomes available. We have shifted our approach so that our people can be innovative and engaged in a virtual environment. Having the right tools to work in a modern way has been instrumental in making this happen. We set up a dedicated Working Remotely website and Know How with training series so that our people could take advantage of more resources and training to ease the transition.

With many of our professional business consultants teaming with clients on site, we are already a seasoned leader in remote working. We have a well-established learning program that has easily amended our associates learning assets to address COVID-19-related changes in our work environments. We support a 100% trust approach which enables security access policies and controls to adapt dynamically based on the risk of each access request. And as part of everyday business operations, we have a multi-layered process to Virtual Private Network (VPN) access, which involves robust authentication before any remote workstation connects to our internal network. Despite several weeks of global lockdowns and remote working we have found productivity is higher and absenteeism is less.

Inspired support

Throughout the pandemic, we have looked for ways that could not only benefit our people, but bring innovation and value to our clients:

We collaborated to fill jobs.
BERG was part of a group of leading companies to form People + Work Connect, an employer-to-employer.

We created and started an initiative that brings together ordinary people with companies in urgent need new digital solutions and marketing strategies which meets the challenges of the changing work space. There is no cost involved for the associates who are participating in the global initiative. People + Work Connect is not only an example of iterative strategy and agile execution, but also a lesson in the power of collaboration—everyone was focused on the greater good during difficult times.

We created a library of thought leadership and recommendations.

To help our clients navigate both the human and business impact of COVID-19, our global IT team created an online hub in a matter of days for all of our latest thinking and material on a variety of topics. Each perspective highlights specific actions which can be taken now, and what to consider next as industries move toward a “new normal”.

What we learned

Every individual and organization is making its best efforts to handle these unprecedented times—and it is always helpful to tap into the learning experiences of others. Adoption of any new way of working starts at the top and BERG Media Group has a committed leadership that had already taken a path which prepared us for these unforeseen circumstances.

Communicate freely and frequently as a way of life

Having a strong and regular communications strategy that includes employees, clients, suppliers and partners is an important part of being a strong organization nowadays. Ongoing, weekly updates help to cut through the noise. What is more, our video production team has been a key enabler for our remote workers. The entire team moved to virtual operations and is still handling internal events—such as the biggest and most complex all-employee broadcast produced featuring our own CEO and client events, such as virtual workshops.

"The investments we made positioned us to support Berg’s rapid growing associates strategy when we— and our people needed it the most. I’m inspired daily by the work that our Global IT family has done to make it happen."

There will be no “return to normal”. The coronavirus is permanently reshaping the way we live and work. Some of the behaviors developed in crisis—including wide-scale digital adoption—will not only outlast the pandemic, well after restrictions on activity are lifted but rather see significant growth.

To stay competitive, organizations must respond to these behavioral changes and meet emerging customer demands. Savvy organizations will focus now on leveraging advanced analytics to extract insights from their customer data and continue internal and external data integration efforts to develop a more holistic view.

Detecting those signals of change early will be crucial to optimizing the customer experience and redefining customer value propositions in line with evolving preferences and needs.

Alexander Grann, CEO & Business Analyst, BERG Media Group