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LalaG Logistics App

LalaG is a system which is created for booking heavy vehicles for transportation and logistics purposes.

4 months
6 members
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Transportation & Logistics

LalaG Logistics App

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Project idea

The main purpose of LalaG is to provide transport companies to be able to track their vehicles when they are going for transportation.

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Target Audience Process

Target audience of this project are transport companies and individual truck drivers.

Project Challenges
  • Usually truck drivers are not aware of new technologies and this is the main challenge to make them understand how to use the apps.
  • Making sure the google map live tracking is accurate in order to maintain the relationship between the driver and the client.
Incoming info

Clients had vision on:

  • Business model basics
  • Initial design concept
  • Desired list of features
  • Project release deadline

Steps we took to analyze the received information:

  • Involvement of a Dedicated
  • Business Analyst
  • Over 6 meetings held

This stage led to:

  • Technical requirements
  • UI/UX requirements
  • Project estimate


Main features of the project

Multiple Requests
Drivers can recieve multiple requests which will be adjusted according to the availability of the drivers. This will help the drivers to accept or decline any request according to their schedule. Requests will be in a queue, so after each task is performed by the driver the next will start automatically.
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Google Map Integration
Real time tracking makes it easy to track and know the location of the drivers. Real time refresh rate in order to make sure the location is always on point.
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