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Ezyview Real Estate App

Ezyview is created to let visitors engage with their property portfolio by granting them access to their own personal mobile friendly app.

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Ezyview Real Estate App

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Project idea

The main idea of Ezyview is to give users a fast and easy way to sort through property listings with a easy swipe function gathering and storing favorites.

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Target Audience Process

The audience of this app is people who are serious about their new home search granting them a quick way of viewing and interacting with the agency through real time chat and saving them the time and hassle of browsing through thousands of listings.

Project Challenges
  • Advanced processing and distribution of media content
  • The necessity to find and sift through the appropriate listings suiting their specific requirements 
  • Use of high-performance servers to provide an instant content delivery to the end user
Incoming info

Clients had vision on:

  • Business model basics
  • Initial design concept
  • Desired list of features
  • Project release deadline

Steps we took to analyze the received information:

  • Involvement of a Dedicated
  • Business Analyst
  • Over 6 meetings held

This stage led to:

  • Technical requirements
  • UI/UX requirements
  • Project estimate


Main features of the project

Implementing a B2b processing functionality
Ezyview heavily relies on the functionality, which is based on multiple crossover platforms allowing each agency to have their own portfolio automatically uploading new listings from a third party MLS provider attached to their api as well as individually uploading of their own exclusive listings from their admin panel.
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Building the management console for the app
Since Ezyview is a B2b application, we had the need to control the whole application from the single source which evolved into a super-admin panel. It allows to gather user data, have full control over which listing to show first (featured listings) as well as hand-crafted notification system.
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The goal with Ezyview was to give the end user complete ease and satisfaction of quick end results by eliminating issues such as email messaging about new found listings required by the user which drowns in clients inbox, sifting through endless properties in “list view” calling and not reaching the sales representative and confusion of which properties has been shown and stored.
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Minimal viable product
Ezyview is now launching the app helping clients quick swipe through desired properties, storing favorites, booking viewings within the app in real time, keeping track of which properties have been visited and the most valuable feature which is direct and personalized push notifications of new listed properties within the users search requirements. “No more drowning in mail messages, missed opportunities and giving up their search due to the hassle and a very time consuming process”.
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